The Magnettes

The Magnettes

“The Swedish duo is very reminiscent of fellow Swedish duo Icona Pop, whom we love.” Perez Hilton

“The Magnettes may hail from Sweden, but their personal brand of glittery dance-punk is less glossy and more raw than the typical pop exports of Stockholm’s most celebrated music studios.” PopCrush

“Swedish pop sensations The Magnettes, whose fast paced electro pop owes as much to Abba and Roxette as it does leftfield artists Ladytron or Surfer Rosa.” Drowned In Sound

“If Lana Del Rey moved to Sweden and started a pop trio, it would probably sound a little something like this.” Idolator

“… smashing the patriarchy one party at a time.” The 405 

“…a quietly anthemic piece that recalls their adolescent mis-adventures while looking defiantly towards the future.” CLASH on ‘Renegades’

“Patriarchy-crushing pop for daughters everywhere.” God Is In The TV, 8/10 on ‘Ugly Youth’

Meet Swedish upstarts, The Magnettes – two 22 year old tearaways who grew up bored out of their minds in the tiny Twin Peaks’-esque town of Pajala in the far northern corner of Sweden.

The Magnettes, aka Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla, are proud of their reputation as the town’s nonconformists and are now ready to cause mayhem further afield. Armed with a load of brilliantly bold, brassy songs about getting wasted, getting laid, and being social misfits, The Magnettes are ready take on the indie pop world on their own terms.

Feisty to the core, Rebecka and Sanna leave a big impression on all who cross their path. Opinionated, outrageous and flirtatious these girls are not for the faint hearted. Their brashness, magnetic personalities and ‘tell it like it is’ attitude is a welcome breath of fresh air in a stagnant market of manufactured pop starlets.

The Magnettes have a strong image and striking sense of style…the sort that turns heads wherever they go. And it’s their look, these girls don’t need to be styled…they know what works.

Live The Magnettes are a force of nature. Their high octane show at The Macbeth in London transfixed the audience from the off as Rebecka and Sanna took control – prowling around the stage, dancing their knee high socks off, singing songs about drinking, sexual exploits and not fitting in.

The Magnettes receive ongoing support from pop tastemakers including Perez Hilton, Pop Justice, Wonderland, The 405, Clash, Idolator and Press Play, and feature on a number of key Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday and Fresh Finds: Hiptronix.

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