Thomas Azier

Thomas Azier by Paul Rousteau

“It’s lonely and beautiful and melancholic…Pure poetry.” Wonderland Magazine

“If you enjoy your neo-classical strings sections riddled with laptop driven beats (ie Clean Bandit) but with a much more Serge Gainsbourg motif, this will likely float that particular boat.” Metro

“…Azier should be the next big thing coming from the Netherlands.” The Guardian

“He paints multi-hued tales of disillusionment and optimism, while struggling with personal desires to satiate his appetite for both lust and companionship.” Pop Matters

When Thomas Azier bought a 1920s upright piano, songs started hitting him like waves. His new release ‘Talk To Me’ bounced from just piano and voice to his laptop, and back. Working on his second album in Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris, ‘Talk to Me’ is his most personal release yet.

“Everyone has their daily routine, both on – and offline. I decided to break my patterns, whether it was living in the same city, writing the same songs or using the same sounds. When I know the next step, I feel it is time for change.”

The result is a composite of piano and laptop, bound together by a ‘fil rouge’ that is his voice, which Wonderland Magazine describe as “pure poetry”.

Thomas Azier released his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hylas’ in March 2014. Its lead single ‘Red Eyes’ was chosen for an international TV campaign for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. After an extensive tour with more than 120 concerts in 2013 and 2014 (including shows with Stromae and Woodkid) he started working on his sophomore album ‘Rouge’, which is out now.

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