Ulrich Schnauss

Ulrich Schnauss

“Producer, remixer and all-round genius Ulrich Schnauss makes music as big as the oceans.” NME

“…one of the most forward thinking musicians in the ambient scene…” Drowned In Sound

“Schnauss’ larger-than-life synthscapes provide an appropriately heart-wrenching soundtrack.” THUMP

“The German producer is a prolific artist in the world of ambient, downtempo and synth music.” Resident Advisor

“…a set of big, busy, melodic statements…This is energized, “up” music, cosmopolitan and tailor-made for strolling around a big city; the flow of traffic and people, a world in motion.” Pop Matters

“…there is no denying that ‘No Further Ahead Than Today’ is the work of a musician who is at the top of his game and will provide nearly an hour’s worth of quality listening for fans of primarily instrumental electronica.Electricity Club

Ulrich Schnauss’ latest album, ‘No Further Ahead Than Today, was released on 4 November 2016 through his label Scripted Realities.

This album is the German-born electronic artist’s fifth album and the follow up to 2013’s widely acclaimed ‘A Long Way To Fall’ and with it Ulrich returns to the earlier style of his first two albums, the landmark ‘A Strangely Isolated Place’ and ‘Far Away Trains Passing By’.

At once uplifting and otherworldly, the music of Ulrich Schnauss combines multilayered synthesisers with beats and ethereal vocals, serving as an aural escape route from the trappings of reality. As Schnauss explains, ‘I’ve always used making and listening to music as a way to escape – putting on headphones is a great way to leave reality behind for a while, reminding yourself why it still makes sense to carry on.’

Today, Schnauss expresses a renewed interest in more direct electronic sounds, and aims to substitute traditional verse-chorus-verse structures for more freeform atmospherics.

Schnauss is also a talented remixer who has produced re-workings for the likes of Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Todd Terje, Bryan Ferry and Matryoshka.

Ulrich’s version of Bach’s ‘Prelude in C’ recently featured on the Decca compilation ‘Re:Works’.

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